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Ogihara Manufacturing Cycle

Our motto

Our motto is to provide the most advanced, highest-level quality through teamwork.

Ogihara will materialize your ideas into press dies and press processing.

  1. The center of manufacturing is engineering and management.
  2. Using simulation for FS engineering.
  3. Measurement analysis technology for visualizing 3D shapes.

Make the ultimate in quality with digital information and the high experience of craftsmen.

  1. CAD CAM is put on the 3D design and the materialization of the product begins.
  2. Shape assurance that incorporates measurement into high-speed, high-precision machining
  3. Our “craftsmanship,” which is ahead of machining, is still alive and well, and we are favored by automobile manufacturers around the world.
  4. It is possible to check the production functions of press equipment, which is impossible for mold manufacturers.

This facility can also handle reverse engineering, and we are waiting for inquiries from everyone.

  1. Non-contact measurement that allows you to see the product and its progress (scan robot)
  2. The system also has measurements to ensure the moldability of the part. (Argus)

Please leave the press tooling for aluminum products that meet the demands for weight reduction of automobile bodies to us.

  1. The laser processing machine has a 5-axis control with an output of 2.5 kW and can process aluminum products in 2D and 3D.

The Introduction of press dies production

Receipt of product data from customers

We start manufacturing when we receive the product data from the customer.

Process planning

We determine the basic information for making panels and press dies, such as the optimal processing direction and processing process.

Simulation of press dies

Formability analyzes panel cracks and wrinkles.

Modeling of press dies

Modeling is carried out for each process, such as the molding process, the outer circumference cutting process, and the secondary press process.

Design of press dies

Create a 3D solid model of the press die structure.

Processing of structural parts

We will process the structure of the assembly part of the press dies.

Processing of shape parts

We will process the shaped part.

Assemblage and finishing

Faithful reproducibility and skilled workers demonstrate their craftsmanship.

Tryout Dynamic Functional Testing

Tryouts and press adjustments are our core skills.

Quality inspection (dimensions)

The automatic measuring instrument was introduced at the top of the industry.

Quality inspection (appearance)

Our sensory inspectors can perform inspections at the same level as our customers.

Press dies completion inspection

Preparation for shipment following panel and press die quality approval

Shipping transportation

Delivered to the customer.