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Business information

OGIHARA Group mainly consists of 6 affiliated companies (OGIHARA Corporation) , Thai Summit America Corporation, Fuzhou Ogihara Thai Summit Co. Ltd, Changshu Thai Summit Ogihara Automotive Co. Ltd, Ogihara Thailand Co. Ltd  and Guangzhou Guangpi Ogihara Die & Stamping Co. Ltd. We are carrying on business related to the automotive industry.

Various multiple-item components/modules are involved in the production process, such as component modules as the engine, electrical components and their assistance equipment, illumination and meter devices, driving power systems, transmission and steering gear, suspension and control system, body components, and so on.

Body components are one of the main modules out of which the framework accuracy of the body will be defined, and they consist of the door, roof, bodyside, fender, bonnet, and mule/chassis. OGIHARA mainly deals with “Design and Manufacturing Press Tools” and “Press Stamping Production” for Body Panels.

As OGIHARA deals with the abovementioned 2 kinds of business, “Design and Manufacture of Press Tools” and “Stamping Production of Body Panels”, OGIHARA is eligible to look after Body Engineering until the full-assembly process of the whole body.

All the engineering information for all these projects will be reported from all over the world and stored by OGIHARA Japan. This enables OGIHARA to provide ‘Total Car Body Engineering Services’, which can contribute to the shortening of the new car development period for many car manufacturers.

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