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Company information


Ogihara Corporation


210-1 Higashiyajima-cho, Ota, Gunma, 373-0816 Japan








100 Million Yen


Representative Director and President Yodpon Satrusajang


295 people


Press die business
    Design and manufacture of press dies for car bodies
    Design and manufacture of inspection jigs for car body parts

Press processing business 
    Car body parts production (stamping)


Gunma Bank Ota Branch
Towa Bank Ota Branch
MUFG Bank, Ltd. Maebashi Commercial Banking Office

History of Ogihara

Year 1951 :

“OGIHARA IRON WORKS” was founded in Takabayashi, Ota, Gunma, Japan.

Year 1955:

OGIHARA IRON WORKS CO.,LTD. was established.

Year 1961:

A new factory was built at Higashi Yajima, Ota, Gunma, and the headquarters function were moved to Higashi Yajima.

Year 1963:

OGIHARA was reorganized from ‘CO. LTD.’ to ‘Corporation’.

Year 1970:

A new factory building with press machines was added. 

Year 1985:

“OGIHARA America Corporation” (OAC) was newly established in Michigan, USA.

Year 1989:

“OGIHARA THAILAND Co., Ltd.” (OTC) was newly established in Bangkok, Thailand.

Year 1991:

OGIHARA celebrated its 40th anniversary and changed the company name from “OGIHARA IRON WORKS Co., Ltd.” to “OGIHARA CORPORATION”.

Year 2008:

“FUZHOU OGIHARA THAI SUMMIT Co. Ltd.” (FOTS) was newly established in Fuzhou, China.

Year 2009:

“JBM OGIHARA AUTOMOTIVE INDIA” (JOAI) was newly established in India. 

Year 2009:

“GUANGZHOU GUANGPI OGIHARA DIE & STAMPING Co. Ltd.” (GAOG) was newly established in Guangzhou, China.

Year 2011:

“CHANGSHU THAI SUMMIT OGIHARA AUTOMOTIVE Co. Ltd.” (CTSO) company was newly established in Changshu, China.

Year 2012:

The headquarters function was moved from Minami Yajima to Higashi Yajima.

Year 2012:

Ogihara Thailand has been awarded a technical support contract with Agriauto Stamping Company Limited.

Year 2013:

Ogihara America Corporation changed their name to Thai Summit America Corporation.

Year 2014:

Ogihara Thailand has been awarded a technical support contract with Valerie Products Mfg.

Year 2016:

“THAI SUMMIT KENTUCKY CORPORATION ” (TSK) was newly established in Kentucky, USA.

Year 2018:

“JBM OGIHARA DIE TECH JBM OGIHARA DIE TECH ” (JODT) was newly established in India.

Year 2018:

Ogihara Thailand has been awarded a technical support contract with Industrial Quality Management SDN BHD.

Year 2024:

Until now.