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A Message from Human Resources

A message from general affairs and human resources

We are a one-stop-service car body engineering company that provides services to almost all car manufacturers in Japan and overseas, with press dies as our main product. The beautiful car body is born from excellent press dies. The excellent press dies are created by the wisdom of engineers in each section of Ogihara who have high craftsmanship skills and are proud and responsible for their work.

in order to create a beautiful car body recognized in the global market. It is necessary to think and act sincerely to love cars, not to compromise on work, and to devote yourself to press die production with pride. Why don’t you work with us to build the world’s most famous cars? Would you like to work in any field in the world? We are a company that can provide you with such a business environment and job satisfaction.

General affairs and human resources 

Akihiko Yoshioka

The image of the person that we want.

1. The person who has value in people’s hearts 
2. The person who has always been ambitious and has a spirit of challenge 
3. The person who can think and act independently for the task. 
4. The person who can gather comprehensive power together to achieve the target. 
5. The person who wishes to share their vision with the rest of the world.