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President Message

Aiming to be the best partner

Ota City, Gunma Prefecture, is a hub of the automobile industry.

Since 1951, Ogihara Corporation has been operating our business as a car body engineering company, manufacturing press tools for car body parts.

Ogihara Corporation has been manufacturing press tools through technical study together with our customers, based on unified data and utilizing highly precise and high-speed processing machines. The quality, productivity, and durability of our press tools have been well evaluated. In particular, we are particularly good at manufacturing tools for outer-skin parts, which are very sensitive and decisive in determining the form of the vehicle. 
OGIHARA has business relationships with almost all the famous car manufacturers, not only in Japan but also all over the world. Ogihara has been establishing global business development. There are two plants in Japan and five in foreign countries.

In recent years, innovations in car production have been moved forward in the automotive industry, such as global reorganization, the shortening of the new car development period, the introduction of new material methods, and modularization of the vehicle.

According to the above trends, speedup, efficiency, improvement of quality, shortening of the development lead time, and good cost performance are required for press tool manufacturing.

Aiming to innovate press tool production methods, we are working on how to use software for development press tool production and apply IT and digital for engineering development . In addition, the technology and skills that we have accumulated over more than half a century are our company’s assets, and we must constantly develop excellent successors as well as digitize this know-how. We will create an environment in which each and every employee in the company can act on their own initiative, with the starting point of our ideas being the needs of our customers, and keeping in mind how we can respond to them.

Our production bases in Asia and the United States have built networks that are compatible in each industrial area. In some areas, we are not only manufacturing stamping presses but also doing mass production of parts from presses, welding, and assembling. Based on these comprehensive capabilities, OGIHARA will work together as a company that is able to respond to diversifying customer requests, be reliable when trusted, and be nominated by all automobile manufacturers and parts manufacturers around the world.

President and representative director.

Yodpon Satrusajang