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What is the checking fixture?

A checking fixture is a tool that confirms whether a manufactured workpiece (workpiece) is made with the determined dimensions.

The usefulness of the checking fixture is that they can inspect a large number of parts one after another just by fixing them to the checking fixture.

When performing product measurement and quality assurance, if the shape is difficult to inspect with a vernier caliper or micrometer, it can be easily checked with a checking fixture. Therefore, checking fixtures are always required at production sites.

Press dies and checking fixtures are necessary as a set. Checking fixtures are also necessary to eliminate individual differences in measurements.


Examining the checking fixtures that Ogihara can handle

We have responded to all requests by manufacturing a wide variety of checking fixtures according to customer requests.

So far we have used the following materials: resin, aluminum, aluminum casting, steel (iron), carbon, etc., single-item checking fixture, assy checking fixture, etc. We are also working on creating checking fixtures by using 3D printers as an initiative for new technology.    

3D printer checking fixture prototype

ASSY combined checking fixture

Single checking fixture

Aluminum casting


Quality assurance of the checking fixture

In the measurement environment, the coefficient of thermal expansion of the object to be measured is minimized by measuring in a room with a constant temperature (20°C ± 2°C) 24 hours a day, and the checking fixture is performed using high-precision measuring equipment.


DELTA ha 253318 L(X)3300mm W(Y)2500mm H(Z)1930mm。

DELTA 4509 L(X)6000mm W(Y)2500mm T(Z)2160mm