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KPI goals


KPI is an abbreviation of Key Performance Indicators. Translated into Japanese, it is a “key performance indicator.” The company sets important issues and goals for each fiscal year and evaluates the degree of achievement with indices to visualize them.

Continuous Improvement Walk [ CI Walk ]


CI Walk is an abbreviation of Continuous Improvement Walk. It means “walking to see continuous improvement”. Focusing on improvements in internal office work and operations, we are continuously implementing improvement activities as a group activity.

Work improvement activities


Each and every employee thinks about “unreasonableness, wastefulness, and unevenness” in their daily work and makes improvement proposals.

Social contributions「CSR]


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) means corporate social responsibility. Companies should not only pursue their own profits but also take responsibility for the impact that their organizational activities have on society. It refers to making the right decision on a request. Ogihara actively participates in this activity.

Social contributions [SDGs]

What are the SDGs?

SDGs are Sustainable Development Goals. It is the Sustainable Development Goals translated into Japanese. For human beings to continue to live on this earth, 17 goals must be achieved by 2030. The management philosophy based on Ogihara’s company policy is linked to the SDGs. Everyone’s daily life is connected to SDGs. I am conscious and take action every day.

Declaration of SDGs

Our company agrees with the “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” advocated by the United Nations and declares that we will make efforts to achieve the SDGs.

Ogihara Corporation
Representative Director and President
Yodpon Satrusajang