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Using CAD activity

Creating 3D designs with CATIA・NX

We support design customers’ need by utilizing CATIA and NX. A process setting diagram based on 3D data that utilizes product data is a method that leads to the one-stop process that we are aiming for.

The process setting diagram

Using the advantage of 3D design to check for interference.

Scrapdrop analysis

Surface quality evaluation by zebra line

Prospective modification of accuracy by data

Press production flow chart




We analyze and guarantee the moldability and quality at the initial stage with the optimal molding that suits the product.


Activity to use CAE(SIM A/Form)

Die Face configuration/confirmation

Confirmation of formability

Setting and checking for excess material

Confirmation of springback, setting of compensation (Mikomi)



We analyze and guarantee the moldability and quality of all processes for the initial stage with optimal process settings.

The quantification of appearance distortion

Appearance is generally evaluated by visual inspection and stoning inspection, but Ogihara quantifies distortion based on ScanData by ATOS and repeats distortion correction and measurement to improve quality.